I Ching: Digital Detox with Bobby Klein

By Bobby Klein Menla Blog

Changing one’s relationship to digital devices can help bring clarity, increase happiness and reduce feelings of stress in one’s daily life. In this series we highlight digital resources used by Menla’s extended community that help them mindfully navigate the internet.  This week we look at “Weekly I Ching,” a free audio and video podcast by Bobby Klein.

What is the I Ching?

The I Ching dates back to 3000 BC, to the reign of the emperor Fu Hsi. It is an oracle that charts the flow of yin and yang energies and a book of Taoist philosophy offering guidance as to proper conduct.

Rupert Sheldrake uses the term morphic resonance to describe this kind of phenomenon, whereby there is a feedback mechanism in which the field—our collective consciousness—and our individual consciousness resonate. The greater the vibration, the more we condition the field of unity consciousness and bring our shared values into form.

Weekly I Ching : Podcast and Videos

These weekly readings are a particularly powerful way to use the I Ching for our own and others’ benefit because by focusing our awareness on any one hexagram’s energy, we create a field of resonance that allows the meaning to emerge with even greater clarity for all of us.

The sixty-four hexagrams are all possibilities, archetypes, all circulating within our individual and collective being at any given time. The timing of the I Ching hexagram holds the key to our liberation from the belief in an inauthentic self and opens our path once again to experiencing our truth: union with the divine, Oneness.

– Bobby Klein via “Weekly I Ching

To learn more about the I Ching and the work of Bobby Klein, join him at Menla in 2019 and please visit his website: www.bobbyklein.com.