Mondays at Menla with Jill Pettijohn

By Jill Pettijohn Menla Blog

A special feature showcasing some of the individuals, groups and organizations who help make Tibet House’s Menla retreat and Dewa spa in Phoenicia, New York the special place that it is. In this installment of Mondays At Menla, we’re honored to speak with Jill Pettijohn.

Meet Jill Pettijohn

We’d love to hear about your impressions of Menla.

I first came in 2004 when the 13 Grandmothers had their first gathering. I was really touched by the beauty of the land and the mountains. It’s an energy vortex, and you can really feel a spiritual presence from those who were there before us.

You’ve taught at Menla in the past years. Could you speak about what it’s like to return annually?

I’m always happy to visit Menla, such a special, unique place, and I always feel welcome and look forward to seeing everyone.

You’ve helped develop Menla’s Signature Seasonal Cleanses and lead your own programs. Could you tell us about your work with the Dewa Spa?

I started one of the first home delivery Cleanse programs in New York City about 15 years ago. I also had a restaurant, the first of its kind in Brooklyn, that served Raw Organic and Kindly cooked foods. I prepared food for a few retreats early on at Menla and then set up a cleanse program for the Dewa Spa.

Eating a clean and healthy balanced organic diet is so important for continued good health of your body, mind, and spirit. Sharing this knowledge is something I love to do, there is a lot of disease in our lifestyles today, so making some simple changes in the way we eat can shift things and give people better quality of life and ultimately help raise collective consciousness.

To learn more about the work of Jill Pettijohn, join her at Menla in June 2019 and visit her website: