Yoga Class Options

Whether your students are novices or seasoned practitioners, choose from a variety of yoga styles. The ancient asana practice of yoga is based on unifying your breath with your body to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Choose from several different styles:

Hatha Yoga
consists of slow-moving yoga postures designed to improve flexibility and strength. It concludes with a relaxed meditation and pranayama breathing to calm your mind.

Yoga Nidra is a gentle guided meditation leads you inward by starting with your body and mind and progressing through the dream state into a lucid sleep state.

Tibetan Five Rites Yoga is a series of movements known to Tibetans as the Fountain of Youth.

Nejang Longevity Yoga consists of gentle, yet effective practices recommended by Tibetan physicians to help promote health and longevity.

If there is a style of yoga we don’t list here but which you are interested in, let us know, and we may have an instructor who can teach that style as well.

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