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Robert A.F. Thurman

Robert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University as well as co-founder and President of Tibet House US and it’s Menla Retreat & Spa. A world-wide lecturer on Tibetan Buddhism, activist for the plight of the Tibetan people, translator of Buddhist texts, and writer of popular Buddhist books. He recently has been awarded the Padma Shri Award, India’s fourth highest civilian honor for achievement in enriching Indian education and literature. His most recent book is the 300 page graphic novel, Man of Peace: the Illustrated Life Story of the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Suggested Books & Audio by Robert A.F. Thurman:

Man of Peace: Illustrated Life Story of Tibet’s Dalai Lama (Book), Infinite Life: Awakening to Bliss Within (Book), Anger: The Seven Deadly Sins (Book), Inner Revolution (Book), Circling the Sacred Mountain : A Spiritual Adventure Through the Himalayas (Book),  Essential Tibetan Buddhism (Book), The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between (Book)  The Jewel Tree of Tibet: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism (Book),  The Central Philosophy of Tibet (Book),  The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti: A Mahayana Scripture (Book), Life & Teachings of Tsong Khapa (Book), Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet, and the World (Book) & Liberation Upon Hearing in the Between: Living with the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Audio).

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Events with Robert A.F. Thurman

Embodying the Inconceivable Liberation: The Non-Dual Wisdom and Art of Growing Altruistic Community
March 31 - April 2, 2023

The profound and magnificent teachings of self-transcendent wisdom and compassion are the jewel at the heart of the Nalanda tradition preserved in Tibet. Powerful methods for transcending our default self-enclosure and becoming awakened altruists (bodhisattvas) are no longer luxuries in a world whose future increasingly depends on the cultivation of universal empathy and responsibility for all humanity, all life, and the earth we share. While the lion’s share of Nalanda teachings focus on altruistic individuals, this weekend retreat will explore the often neglected yet equally vital collective dimension of the bodhisattva path. We will unpack the fundamental wisdom and practice…

Medicine Buddha Rejuvenation Retreat
April 7 - 12, 2023

Tantric Ngagpa Lama Doctor, Yuthok Yonten Gonpo the Younger (1126-1202 CE), transmitted the Buddha’s medical knowledge and teaching developed over 17 centuries by learned and enlightened mendicant and lay physicians in various kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent, revealed outside Vaishali city by Shākyamuni Buddha and transformed for the occasion into the dark blue sapphire-colored radiant Eighth Medicine Guru Buddha (Bhaiṣhajyaguru Buddha). In fact, the Younger Yuthok was himself considered an emanation of the Medicine Buddha, resurrecting the Indian Four Medicine Tantras codified by Vāgbhaṭṭa, the vast literature of Indian Buddhist medicine that burned with the destruction of the Library of…

Love in Action: the Altruistic Spirit of Christ and Buddha
April 20 - 23, 2023

Andrew Harvey and Robert Thurman are great old friends who have been sharing their insights and passions for over 30 years and who taught a very galvanizing course on the Shift Network on the Buddha and the Christ. Both of them are aware that humanity has come to its defining evolutionary ordeal manifesting through its narcissism and hubris a ferocious global dark night which threatens its extinction. Both are also aware that this terrible situation, unprecedented in its intensity and scope, offers extraordinary possibilities for radical spiritual growth and for a creative re-visioning of all human structures through the next…

Vajrayoga 300 Hour Spring Term: Closing Celebration Intensive
May 30 - June 5, 2023

Join us for the closing term of our Vajrayoga school. Spring term we will study Vajrayana Tantra and the Vajra body in depth and expand our study of comparative Hatha yoga and non-dual traditions. Kalachakra, Yamantaka, Guhyasamaja-Esoteric Community Tantra, Chakrasamvara, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead will be explored along with the Hatha yoga Pradipika & Yoga Taravali. In-Person Retreat: May 30-June 5, 2023 at Menla Online livestreams from April 14-May 27, 2023. Weekly live lectures with Robert Thurman Fridays 11-1pm EST & Yoga practices with Michele Loew Saturdays 11-1:30pm EST. Curated pre-recorded materials on Buddhist Tantra, Vajrayoga, and…

The Zen of Therapy: the Best of Buddhism and Psychotherapy
August 18 - 20, 2023

In the early part of his career, Dr. Epstein kept his beliefs as a Buddhist separate from his work as a psychiatrist. But as he became more forthcoming with his patients about his personal spiritual leanings, he was surprised how many of them were eager to learn more. The divisions between the psychological, emotional, and the spiritual, he soon realized, were not as distinct as one might think. In his recent book, The Zen of Therapy, Dr. Epstein reflected on a year’s worth of selected sessions with his patients and observed how, in a given hour, his Buddhist background subtly…

Vajra Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training 2023-2024: Fall Immersion
November 6 - 13, 2023

September 22, 2023 to April 19th, 2024 Course kick off online September 22nd, weekly livestreams and online. In-Person Fall Practice Immersion at Menla:  November 6-13th. Schedule for In-Person Retreat Monday, November 6 3 – 6 pm Arrival & Check-in 6 – 7 pm Dinner 7:30 – 9 pm Orientation with Bob and Michele Tuesday, November 7 – Sunday, November 12 7 – 8 am Meditation & Nejang Practice with Michele Loew 8 – 9 am Breakfast 10 am – 12:30 pm Asana Training, Technique/ Teaching Methodology with Michele 12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch 1:30 – 3 pm- Free Time for…

Vajrayoga - A Mahasiddha Reunion: Devotion, Wisdom, and Taras’ Magic
December 11 - 17, 2023

Don’t miss your chance to join an all-star team of teachers and practitioners of Indic yogic sciences for a weeklong Vajrayoga study and practice intensive, “A Mahasiddha Reunion: Devotion, Wisdom, and Taras’ Magic” December 11 – 17 at Menla or online. Space is very limited for the in-person option, so sign up now for this amazing opportunity to study and practice with some of the best minds and hearts in the field! This stand-alone hybrid Vajrayoga intensive explores the so-far little-known common origins and philosophical and practical relationships between Tantric Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Hathayoga. You will leave this retreat physically…


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