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Domino Kirke

As a founding member of Carriage House Birth and a master doula, Domino came to doula work after the birth of her son, during which she found herself searching for a different kind of support and care than she received. As a founder of Carriage House Birth, Domino actively advocates for, assists, and promotes the idea of a supported birth that directly follows the family’s plan for welcoming their child(ren) to the world. Having given interviews on Carriage House, doula work and mothering to Vogue (American and Spanish), VICE, Refinery 29, The New York Times and many more, Domino works to publicly promote and support the collective’s journey and expertise in the world of birthwork. Additionally, she, along with Samantha Huggins and Lindsey Bliss, is a principal author of the trio’s upcoming book, due out from Rizzoli.


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