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Lindsey Bliss

Lindsey Bliss is the co-director of Carriage House Birth, a collective of birth workers that provide doula support and education for families from pre-conception through their childbearing journeys. She is a birth doula and the mother of seven. Carriage House Birth certified, Lindsey is greatly sought after and considered to be a multiples expert after giving birth and breastfeeding two consecutive sets of twins. She is also the author of The Doula’s Guide to Empowering Your Birth. Her interest in childbirth began at an early age. Present while her mother taught childbirth education classes at their home, Lindsey was able to state, identify, and point out a uterus on a natal chart at the age of two and a half. Fast forward to the present, Lindsey takes her role as a birth doula and childbirth educator with serious passion and commitment. Her mission is to hold space or offer gentle, nonjudgmental guidance and support for expectant families through education and informed decision making. Being prepared and knowing what options are available increase the likelihood of an amazing birth. Lindsey facilitates that process, giving people the tools and inspiration to empower themselves. Her unwavering support and gentle guidance have benefited ted over two hundred and fifty families. Lindsey supports first time parents, multiparas, single parents, LGBT families, twin births, medicated and non-medicated vaginal births, cesarean births, and VBACs.


375 Pantherkill Road, P.O. Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464