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Angel Evans

Angel Evans, the founder of BiomeTech, is an entrepreneur and committed educator and leader facilitating humans in redeeming optimal levels of health, well-being, and consciousness.
Her journey began 35-years ago through healing from the experience of having decimated her own microbiome after multiple years of using antibiotics, cigarettes, and marijuana and undergoing various surgeries.
Understanding the urgency for people to create a relationship between how our microbiome and our neuro-biochemistry affect how we feel, how we work, how we play, and how we conduct our lives; Angel travels the world bringing this knowledge and wisdom of the “BiomeTech-nology” to each conversation.
During our time with Angel, she will illustrate the link between the macro and micro and how we as humans are mirroring the current state of planet Earth, exemplified in the reality that the Earth’s surface is 70% water, and we humans are also made up of 70% water with the same salt concentration.
She will show how our microbiomes are toxified by the use of daily drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, nicotine, marijuana, CBD and the like, and how this inner experience is being reflected in our outer reality. All we have to do is look at the current state of our oceans and the vast amount of plastic washing up on shores around the world.
Angel challenges us to question how we treat our bodies and our Selves, as a symbiotic reflection of how we treat the Earth. If we look outside we see the state we are in with climate change, smog, polluted water, and soil deprivation as just a few examples, while looking inward we can reflect on the general lack of heart-centered human connection, rampant epidemic disease and the growing list of human imbalances on every level. Ironically, as we the human species proclaim to be the smartest and brightest that have ever walked the Earth, these issues continue to increase over the years rather than decrease.
Angel exposes the generative causes of this crippling disconnect. She harkens back to indigenous cultures and how their lives were fortified with connection and Love, and how their varied plant-based lifestyle created a diverse and fully functioning micro biome. What makes them different than us? On the surface you may be able to answer this question, but Angel will take us on a deep dive journey of Self discovery and shed Light on solutions as she and her team have discovered and make available through BiomeTech’s products and technology.


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