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  • Menla is a Project of Tibet House US,

    the Dalai Lama’s Cultural Center in NYC

Bethney Ruggiero

A corporate meeting and special event professional with over twenty eight years of event industry experience, Bethney Ruggiero conceived the idea of The Evolutionary Leap Summit during her own extensive personal spiritual and wellness journey after the heart wrenching loss of her unborn child; a twin boy, and her quest to understand and alter disruptive, repeating patterns of loss, betrayal and abuse throughout her lifetime that became glaringly apparent in her mid-forties. Bethney’s extensive journey introduced her to many of the world’s most experienced healers, spiritual leaders and master thinkers of our time, and to various spiritual and healing modalities that are both well-known and off the beaten path. Throughout her healing process, Bethney recognized that she was being called to integrate her long career of event planning to the awakening she experienced during her intensive journey. A strong inner voice within her was instructing her to bring together her tribe of spiritual and wellness masters, and to introduce and share their knowledge with the world.  The Evolutionary Leap Summit is a natural progression of Bethney’s spiritual awakening. The masters presenting at The Evolutionary Leap Summit are some of the very people that that she has worked with when exploring modalities to enrich her life and power her spiritual journey.


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