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Dawahafvoya (Harold Joseph)

Dawahafvoya (Harold Joseph) serves as a wisdom keeper and leader regarding upholding the Hopi traditions. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. Formerly I was the director of Economic Development for the Hopi Tribe. I initiated the establishment of a new Tribal College Campus in Tuba City as the director for the branch for 12 years. I live with my wife and family on Hopi Land in the village of Moenkopi in Arizona.
These are important times for Hopi. As Hopi and as American citizens, we live in two ways of life. Today more than ever it has become a daily challenge for us to coexist between the Hopi and the white man’s way of thinking and living. This is a good time for us to start planting our good seeds so that we can grow as Hopi.

It has been foretold to us by our history that there would be a time of imbalance that will come upon us if there is an imbalance between our Hopi way of life and the demands of white man’s culture. Today we see that we have a serious threat of global warming and many other threats to our environment that we should be conscious about. We are protectors of this Earth, and we should reflect on this  With this awareness, then we can continue forward with confidence.  The Sun Trail is one important teaching we have in Hopi that will help us balance our lives as we offer our prayers with cornmeal for blessings toward our Father the Sun. Let us focus on positive changes that will benefit our children, elders, and communities.

Lastly, today is a good time to reflect on who we are, where we are now, to make those changes that are necessary so we can move forward together. We have just offered our blessings and prayers to our Father the Sun, and the universe so that we may have continued blessings for this life to continue for all future generations.  Qua’kwai.


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