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Billy Pinkerton

Billy Pinkerton has been practicing, studying, and teaching vinyasa and restorative yoga for nearly a decade in studios, corporate offices, retreats and private sessions.  His background as a yoga teacher, athlete and businessman gives him a unique perspective on how to make yoga relatable and experiential to all audiences.  Billy has experienced firsthand the healing power of yoga within his body.  Working with his many injuries, surgeries, and pain points, he has been able to align his body into a more optimal position for overall health and wellness which means less pain.  By working with the breath and moving slowly, he believes, we can use the body to heal the body.  When the body is engaged in the physical practice, and the mind is relaxed on the breath a unique experience emerges that is personal to each person.  New sensations are discovered and the healing we didn’t know we needed begins to happen naturally.

Sound plays a crucial role for a deeper yoga practice as the combination of yoga and sound make it easier to release the mind from habitual thinking to be comfortable in stillness. With this understanding, Billy has been working with instruments like the gong, handpan, didgeridoo, tuning forks, and bowls to evoke new sensations, mental experiences, and relaxation, that enhance his yoga students’ experiences in practice.

Billy is also an accomplished meditator.  He has developed a daily practice over the years and has done intensive work on his mind, having spent 6 months working with an authorized Buddhist meditation teacher in the Kagyu Lineage.  He has practiced at Karme Choling, a Shambala Meditation Center in Vermont.  There he took part in traditional meditation practice and received instruction on various meditative techniques.  He loves sharing the practice of meditation as much as he loves the physical practice of yoga.  His goal is to mix the physical practice of yoga and meditation so that a powerful personal practice can be born.   


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