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Jessica Becker

Jessica is a senior level certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.   She is a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and has taught Iyengar Yoga for 23 years in the Hudson Valley.  She works with methodical detail, and creates a playful and challenging approach to the path of yoga practice as a tool to study oneself.  For we practice yoga not to get better at yoga, but to learn more about ourselves.  She is well practiced and experienced in Iyengar Yoga therapy as an effective tool to help injuries, chronic pain, trauma, and other conditions.

Events with Jessica Becker

Skillful Action in Iyengar Yoga
April 14 - 16, 2023

Through asana and pranayama practice, we will explore the nature of skillful action. Every yoga posture is captured in T.S. Eliot’s words, “We must be still and still moving into another intensity.” Iyengar Yoga offers deep and transformative study into intensity through the essential stillness and ease of yoga postures that comes with skillful action and intelligent movement. Through skillful action, the layers of our being – from the outermost to the innermost – can be brought into a state of balance, and our levels of physical, mental and emotional strength, range of motion, energy and stamina are deepened and…


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