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Kimla Rose, M.E., RMT, HF3K RMT

Kimla Rose’s passion is illuminating the power of awareness.  As a Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui Shiki Ryoho and Holy Fire III Karuna systems, frequency-based systems healer, and channel for an 11th dimensional group referred to as “The Wisdom Beings,” Kimla shares her energy and information for the awakening of others moving past a dualistic system based in fear, and into a new paradigm of living based on unconditional love.  Kimla learned the systems of duality through a 30 year career in environmental engineering and consulting.  She holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees with a focus on environmental science and civil engineering, holds a certification from Harvard Law School and MIT in negotiation and has offered federal court testimony on environmental and energy processes.  Kimla’s writing on environmental forensics, transportation, geospatial systems, and meditation has been published internationally by The Brookings Institute, Google.org, CEO Today, and Finance Monthly, among others.  Kimla created the #OptInside program to educate corporations on meditation and energy practices, including “spoon bending,” and has led an international study and practice group on the Kalachakra or “Wheel of Time” teachings with Dr. Robert Thurman.  Kimla retired from the corporate world to pursue full-time her energy work in the natural world as a #VanLifer, Energy Medicine Squared teacher, writer, and energy channeler with ClairHUMAN.org.  When not creating, Kimla can be found playing and spinning on mountains and in forests, and snuggling in her Flying Cloud Airstream with her dog Quasar.


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