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Elizabeth Murphy

Elizabeth Murphy approaches her work with a sense of wonder, humility, and compassion.  Her dedicated prayer and meditative practice have opened her inner eye enabling her to develop her intuitive capacities and access divine insight.  Elizabeth can see the essence of people and their energy.  She listens deeply to their soul-voice, and helps people to overcome challenges, release restrictive belief patterns, and create more wellness and happiness.  She is skillful at helping people tune into their own sacred power and she is deeply committed to creating an environment where people can thrive. 
Elizabeth takes seriously the trust her clients place in her.  She has guided people through difficult life experiences, and her heart-centered approach cultivates an energetic healing that opens both giver and receiver to experience more compassion, clarity, and courage. 
A highly experienced coach, facilitator, retreat leader and spiritual content-creator, Elizabeth continues to grow and learn from her work with others.  She has an abiding commitment to self-examination and self-correction, and this practice, coupled with her sincere and expansive prayer life, maintains a high-level of integrity and impact for herself and those who work with her. 

Elizabeth loves to kayak, swim laps, and write poetry, and she has lived sober for more than two decades.  She has the love and support of a wonderful family and a tribe of friends who rock her world. 
 If you’d like to learn more about Elizabeth’s Sacred Power work, please visit www.MySacredPower.com 



375 Pantherkill Road, P.O. Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464