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Aaron 'Water' Piepszny

Aaron Water Piepszny’s bodily presencing is profound and palpable. He draws on 25 years of somatic awareness practices as a professional dancer and educator, Buddhist studies, meditation immersions, multiple Vipassana retreats, and a wide variety of Chi Gung schools and teachings. A lifetime lover and student of nature, he was raised on a rambling few acres of yard forest in Western NY where he ate fresh pears endlessly, marveled at the powerful cottonwoods, adventured through the woods, and stared in respect and wonder at the bunnies.

He has certified with NLP master and author Jerry Stocking, Chi Gung Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, contact improvisation co-founder and somatic awareness pioneer Nancy Stark Smith, and deep ecologist/ Permaculturist Andrew Jones. Aaron is currently the head of horticulture at Menla, leading ecology/ herbalism walks, teaching Chi Gung, meditation, and dance.


375 Pantherkill Road, P.O. Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464