• Our Getaways Provide the Flexibility

    You Need to Create the Perfect Urban Escape

  • Discover Our World-Class Dewa Spa

  • Explore Our Mountain Hiking Trails

  • Detoxify Yourself with Juices

    and Organic Cleansing Foods

  • Enjoy Deluxe Private Accommodations

  • Reconnect with the Great Outdoors

Create Your Own Getaway

Build a custom escape vacation by choosing activities à la carte. Only two hours from New York City, Menla lies in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. De-stress on more than 300 acres of private wilderness. Unspoiled natural beauty adjoins state land, creating endless opportunities for wildlife spotting and discovering secret hideaways. Let fresh air, light, water, movement, and sound envelop your senses in the mystical act of forest bathing.

A unique experience awaits with the ability to distance yourself from others while finding zen. Use the essence of nature to restore your mind and spirit in a peaceful refuge, far from the noise and anxiety of city life. Cozy, private villas are available if you need more personal space or are traveling with family. Our small staff offers minimal-contact service, and with plenty of room to spread out, interaction with other guests is optional.

Improve your fitness and mental clarity with private qi gong, yoga, and meditation sessions available to book a la carte daily. Go on a guided hike or explore on your own – on-site and nearby trails range from easy to advanced. Awaken new senses with sound baths and other sound therapy techniques that release stress through harmonic vibration. As the sun goes down, light up the night with bonfire magic under the stars.

From the bed linens to the cleaning products we use, every attempt is made to source ethically and sustainably. This is most evident in our food supply. Our vegetarian farm-to-table menu features organic dishes right from Menla’s gardens. Enjoy breakfast and lunch (included in the price of accommodation) through the Lhasa Inn to-go service. Learn about how we grow sustainably on one of our many garden tours. We cover everything from ecology and horticulture to the healing power of medicinal plants.

Now through July, all lodging is 20% off our normal 2020 rates. Further weeknight discounts apply to private and deluxe queen rooms.
It’s best to book any activities you are interested in at least 48 hours prior to your arrival to ensure staff, teachers, and therapists are available when needed.

*Covid-19 note: Rates reflect the minimum number of guests that can book a space. For example, if you are a group of two, any space that reflects a minimum of two guests will show the rate for two people combined for the full weekend. You will not be asked to pay separately. You will not be sharing bathrooms or sleeping spaces with guests who are not members of your party. Single accommodations include queen size options and camping. Please email frontdesk@menla.org with any questions.

Menla Create-Your-Own Getaway


Build a custom escape vacation by choosing activities à la carte. Only two hours from New York City, Menla lies in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. De-stress on more than 300 acres of private wilderness. Unspoiled natural beauty adjoins state land, creating endless opportunities for wildlife spotting and discovering secret hideaways. Let fresh air, light, water, […]










Discover beautifully appointed deluxe private rooms and suites featuring unique Tibet-inspired artworks and features, or opt for our more modest shared cabins & cottages for couples, families, or small groups. ...

Spa Menu

From our signature Tibetan KuNye massage to fragrant baths enriched with mountain herbs to personalized treatments drawing on Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda, Dewa provides a truly unique healing spa experience. In addition to Eastern modalities, Dewa also offers a full menu of We...

Environs & Amenities

Our 325 acres of tranquil mountain forests and streams are tucked away in the priceless seclusion of the Catskills and feature a range of indoor and outdoor amenities, from our Dewa Spa to unique spaces for mind-body practices, from our dining areas to our hiking trails. Get exe...

Menla Guest Experiences

Menla’s tailored nature experiences and private classes let you design your own personal retreat, combining elements that are just the right fit for you. If you are leading your own group retreat, these experiences can add new dimension to your offerings.

Whether on your own, with a friend, or in a group, set off on a range of treks led by local guides with intimate knowledge of flora & fauna, practice meditation, yoga & pilates with expert teachers, or experience a traditional sweat lodge or bonfire beneath the stars…

Private Yoga Instruction

Whether a novice or a seasoned practitioner, benefit from expert private instruction on your choice of a variety of yoga styles.  The ancient asana practice of...

Private Meditation Instruction

Regular meditation is proven to benefit cognitive function, increase concentration, reduce stress, boost feelings of happiness, and lead to physiological benefi...

Healing Sound Bath

A beautiful meditation where harmonic vibrations are created by singing bowls, gongs, and other resonant instruments.   While you sit or lie down, a bath of s...

Guided Mountain Hiking

Take a guided hike on one of our enchanted trails and reap the many benefits of forest bathing. Short easy hikes (1-2hrs) and long intermediate-difficult hikes ...

Off-Site Hiking with Expert Guide

For a more formal educational hiking experience, take a hike in the local Catskills with an expert guide. Explore nearby favorites: Giant Ledge/Panther Mountai...

Menla Ecology Walk

Learn about our bio-region and how nature and humans have interfaced in this secluded valley. The Pantherkill Valley, our home, has been used by spiritual commu...

Garden & Horticulture Tour

Learn about the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring you Menla’s food and flowers! Our main garden is a source of food, flowers, herbs, medicinal ...

Medicinal Plant Tour

Menla is both growing and wild-harvesting a wide variety of healing plants. Learn about the growing techniques, healing properties, and ecological systems of ...

Bonfire Under the Stars

Enjoy a sparkling wood fire in one of our stone fire pits, a classic Catskills experience. Spend a couple of hours after dark in the glow of a nice wood fire, l...

Private Pilates Instruction

Pilates is a physical fitness system incorporating slow and precise movements for total body conditioning.   Focusing on core strength, Pilates is popular for...

Private Qi Gong Instruction

This practice consists of gentle flowing movements believed to help prevent or provide relief from chronic pain and illness. QiGong is designed to let your Qi ...

Health & Wellness Counselling

Have a certified Holistic Health Coach review your diet and lifestyle and help you make a plan that fits with your busy schedule and can be easily implemented ...

Astrological Consultation

Your astrological chart can tell you volumes about your life, its patterns, and even what obstacles and opportunities lie ahead. Expert astrologer Alexander Ma...


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