Aquarian Medicine Wheel-South Direction

September 05 - September 08, 2019

Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

Rich Brodeur

YOU are your greatest healer! Your body is your greatest pharmacy!

You have all the tools of self-mastery within…

Release. Transcend. Create. Transform.

Discover how to unlock these hidden treasures with the Aquarian Medicine Wheel!

You will learn and experience ancient wisdom and healing tools of higher consciousness and awareness interwoven with the most up to date scientific findings in modern medicine, to achieve optimal health and vitality. You will journey into the depths of your soul as you explore YOUR truth, YOUR higher purpose, and YOUR inner world of ALL the roads of possibilities -which path will you choose?…

Join us in this intimate shamanic and yogic self-mastery and healing immersion, where you will:

Discover your path of renewed health and vitality.Learn alchemical Aquarian Medicine tools to turn your greatest wounds and limiting beliefs into your greatest strengths and wisdom.Discover your natural pharmacy withIN and learn to navigate it to achieve balance, increased energy and wellness.Learn how to utilize lifestyle Aquarian Medicine tools that will allow you to navigate the challenges that we face in these changing times of the 21st century Aquarian Age.Discover your inner spiritual guru (teacher) so that you make walk your path of dharma.Learn Aquarian Medicine wisdom tools that will help you create an advanced body with restored energy and balance, that can help protect you against the constant onslaught of emotional triggers and environmental and food toxins, that can compromise your health and well-being.Experience the ancient and modern healing wisdom of the Aquarian Medicine wheel that will unlock your inner healer so that you may access YOUR personal (w)holistic “medicine” to achieve ultimate balance withIN.

your journey begins with the south direction…

Our AQUARIAN MEDICINE WHEEL Shamanic Yogi journey begins with this SOUTH class, which is the first of 4 directions that embody the Aquarian Medicine Wheel. In this 3 day self-healing immersion, you will learn the medicine of the South - Sachamama, great mother serpent. As you embark on your transformational healing path of health, vitality and awareness, you will learn how to shed past emotional wounds and limiting stories/beliefs that have held you back from your natural state of boundlessness, in the beautiful way the serpent sheds her skin- all at once.

You can never heal yourself within your story...

No longer will you be defined by your past stories that have lead to self-sabotage with feelings of inadequacy and attachment to ego. Instead, you will experience and learn Aquarian Medicine tools which will allow you to alchemically dissolve those attachments that no longer serve. Once you release the weight you have been carrying, you will now be able to step outside of your old story and continue to expand your transformation of self empowerment as you open your heart to create your own new reality.You will learn and experience:• Transformational ancient shamanic, yogic and modern wisdom teachings of the Aquarian Medicine Wheel that will help you navigate the great changes of this evolutionary time that we live in.• How to create a life of happiness and higher purpose as you energetically break-free of the binds of the past, that no longer serve...• Daily practices to deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit with our Aquarian Medicine tools, Aquarian Medicine Nutrition & Kundalini yoga.• The process of creating "sacred space" which will bring peacefulness, empowerment and healing to yourself and those around you.• A newly profound awareness and elevation of self that goes beyond description through the participation of interactive classes that will allow you to embrace the teachings.• Deep exploration of your luminous energy field and your chakra system.• Indigenous Alchemy that will help you to transcend identifying roles and/or situations which, in turn, will become personal sources of power to assist you to manifest the life that you dream.• Reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and experience spiritual awakening, emotional wellbeing, and improved health and vitality.You will receive four foundational energetic transmissions of the Munay Ki. (The Munay Ki consists traditional rites of empowerment based on the initiation practices of the Q’ero shamans of the Andes and the Amazon).Bands of Power and Protection – 5 luminous bands are interwoven into your luminous energy field (body) to protect, deflect and mulch against any negative energies such as fear or doubt, which will enable you to be more present in daily life.The Seer Rite (Kawak Rite) – this awakens your “inner seer” and intuition to perceive the invisible world of energy around us. By enabling your new-found intuition, you will learn to navigate the world in "stillness", with trust and "knowing" your most effective path.The Harmony Rite (Ayni Karpay Rite) – transmits seven universal archetypal allies into your luminous energy field to help you create balance and harmony in your life.The Healer Rite (Hampi Mesa Rite) – connects you to a lineage of healers to assist you in your personal transformational journey [social_warfare]


Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur

Dr. Lorraine Olivero-Brodeur is one of the first new breed of primary care practitioners in the world with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Columbia University. This clinical degree addresses the need of a well-rounded primary care practitioner with a deep understanding of pr...

Rich Brodeur

Teaching is a passion for Rich, no matter the subject. The evolution of continuous learning and applying knowledge to his craft has made his life’s work ever evolving. Born a “renaissance man”, he has a wide range of interests and talents. As an Artist, he sculpts and pai...



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