Calling All Mesa Carriers: Global Ceremonies, Celebrations & Wisdom Teachings

March 19 - March 22, 2020

Julie Hannon

Wake Wheeler

Heidi McBratney

Kinlen Wheeler

Heidi Fokine

Amina Meineker

There is a call that’s being made - to create new maps with consciousness and love, to be of service to our Pachamama and the Cosmos.  As a Mesa Carrier, you are deeply connected to the Hampe Munay (healing Love) that fills your personal healing bundle and connects you to the stone altars across time.  Answer this call to sit with your tribe (allyu) and learn, play, and dream in this sacred valley that is so connected to the stars.Join our amazing gathering, and come together with your tribe to celebrate our medicine, to plant seeds of intention for our earth in a Global Fire Ceremony for the Spring Equinox, and to learn from Wisdom Keepers who have been walking with their Mesa Medicine for decades.Days will include: morning yoga/meditation, Wisdom Workshops, Ceremonies & Celebrations for the Earth.  We will also be holding a Global Fire Vigil for the turning of the Spring Equinox — planting seeds of our intentions.Wisdom Workshops 

Mesa Energetics  (with Wake Wheeler)

We are stewards of living beings, our mesas. What does that mean? What is the history of our mesa, what is our current state of relationship, what are the possibilities?  Woven within this synergy of cloth and stone are the energetics of the Kawsay Pacha, our living energy universe. Join Wake for a Mesa Exploration. Let's experiment and explore together.

Creating Consciousness Shift (with Heidi McBratney)

We have all chosen to be on Mother Earth, in an awake awareness to support and guide in the great turning of energy.  This turning is creating experiences that are both similar to shifts in energetic consciousness in the past and shifts that are unknown, uncharted and leading to experiences unprecedented.  Those who have been the seers, shamans, oracles, and healers are being called forward now, more than ever, to participate in the honoring and healing of humanity, Mother Earth and all her aliveness, and the Cosmos by using the maps of different planes and worlds.  We are learning to not always go where the path may lead.  Rather to go where there is no path and leave a trail.  Each of us are participating in creating new consciousness.  Let’s journey and explore together, creating a new path, opening access to planes and worlds that have been waiting for discovery, dancing with time and the Spirit of all.  Together we build connection and maps to offer healing and illumination to land, peoples, animals and all of Creation.   We deepen into being explorers and map makers.

Journey of Human and Divine beings (with Kinlen Wheeler)

Where have we been, on this Journey of Enlightenment? And where are we going?Take a trip around the medicine wheel with new insights and more conscious language for the journey you have been on.  Learn more about each gateway (direction), through the East and beyond.  The story telling prepares us for the next step of personal work, based in the work of Byron Katie, and transformed into shamanic practice.  Fine tune our energy body, and experience stepping into the Stream of Love.

Morning Practice (with Heidi Fokine)

Our bodies receive a huge cellular update when we engage in spiritual activity. Morning breath-centered movement sessions will focus on integration and receptivity, giving ground to our new found freedom.


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Julie Hannon

Julie Hannon, your Hostess has studied the Medicine of the Americas for more than twenty years and is celebrating the gifts of walking this path by calling this Gathering - of Visionaries and WisdomKeepers.  Her work in Peru with the shaman of the mountains and high plains/Titi...

Wake Wheeler

Wake returned to Cusco in October, completing a 20 year immersion in the Andean Ways. Throughout this time, he has been especially drawn by the synergy of cloth and stone. With the special blessings of don Francisco and dona Juanita, Wake continues his exploration of mesa steward...

Heidi McBratney

Heidi McBratney has spent most of her life bringing inner awareness to the rhythm of her soul.  She is deeply grateful to the many elders from many different nations that have embraced and guided her to her own divinity.  In following the rhythm of her soul and being guided b...

Kinlen Wheeler

Kinlen Wheeler has 20 years of experience diving into the mystery of the Journey of Enlightenment, and helping others find their way along their unique and sacred pathway. Her practice and classes focus on advanced energy work, weaving Byron Katie and Ken Wilber’s vision into e...

Heidi Fokine

Heidi is a full mesa carrier and a shamanic healing practitioner. She has been initiated into the lineage of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru by The Four Winds Institute of Energy Medicine. She studied modern dance at North Caroline School of the Arts, and pursued professional dance in...

Amina Meineker

Amina Meineker is a business economist and a pioneer in bridging magic and science. With more than 25 years in corporate strategy and finance and a decade of teaching in Dr. Alberto Villoldos Four Winds Society, Amina distilled the essence of how and why change and transformation...


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