Deepening your Magic joins Pachamama Wisdom Weekend, for Mesa Carriers & Energy Healers

July 29 - August 02, 2020

Julie Hannon

The practice of living clearly in this energetic universe has never been more important than it is now.  Connecting to the natural world, being in ceremony for this world and this humanity is powerful work and a great calling.  Answer this call.  The end of July will be a lush and beautiful time in the valley just outside of Woodstock, NY.  You are welcome to camp of course. Invite your friends to join us as you are called
Please let me know if you need any additional information or clarity. Pre-req - Full Mesa Carriers, and those who have completed Medicine Wheel trainings
Financial details.
The tuition for this time is $626 — (If you had a deposit/tuition for Advanced Magic can be applied toward this class.  Any balance of your pre-payment from Advanced Magic will be held for Advanced Magic 2021.)
July's “2020 US Advanced Shamanic Magic” class with Julie and Amina has been moved to March 21-26, 2021.**
Pachamama Day (August 1st) is a potent time celebrated in Andean customs/traditions on August 1st (and throughout the month) as the Festival of Pachamama/Mother Earth.  In these traditions it is a day when the earth awakens to hear our prayers and accept our offerings and gratitudes.  These celebrations are to restore the reciprocity between the human beings and nature:  we give back to the Earth what she has given and what we aspire to, our deepest desires for our lives and our relations.
  • Gather on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 and end on Sunday after lunch. 
  • COST -  $626 for the weekend + food/lodging with Menla
  • Read the signs, Fire/Water Ceremony, dancing in new frequencies, shared practices, personal healing and teachings 
  • Celebrate pachamama Day (august 1st) together with a earth offering and fire ceremony….
  • Mesa mastai/Saturday Night Mesa Party
Menla is in a sacred valley — nestled in the Catskills, directly on top of a meteorite (the meteor is 1-2 miles under the dirt) Menla is ready and prepared with ample space for a group, nourishing food, and ceremonial land.   Celebrate Pachamama day (august 1st) with medicine people of the earth.

Magicians will gather at 4:00 on Wednesday the 29th - and we will dive right into some new practices and connections for this time.  
(Please email and/or Bring your questions and heart’s longings in preparation for our time together.)
We will take the work of healing and ceremony and Love into our daily life and work in the world.
Schedule Coming Soon!


Julie Hannon

Julie Hannon, your hostess, has studied the Medicine of the Americas for more than twenty years and is celebrating the gifts of walking this path by calling this Mesa Carrier Gathering - of Visionaries and WisdomKeepers.  Her work in Peru with the shaman of the mountains and hig...



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