Dharma K: An Exploration of Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, and Consciousness

April 02 - April 07, 2024

Presenting Our Second Dharma K Program—an exploration of spirituality, meditation, yoga, and consciousness in concert with the ego dissolution properties of the legal psychedelic medicine ketamine. Our aim is to share with each other and to experience the impact of ketamine on contemplative practice and realization, emptiness and fullness, silence and connection, community and compassion, tolerance and respect for differences, love, and empathy.The ketamine experiences will be embedded in a program of meditation, presentations on contemplative and psychedelic practices, and community building. The event is held in the full confidentiality of personal disclosures. There are a limited number of opportunities to present at the event and we will consider proposals from those who wish to make offerings.Dharma K will be held at the Menla Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York between 4 PM on April 2nd and noon on April 7th. Participation is limited to forty participants. It is sponsored by the non-profit Ketamine Training Center of the Ketamine Research Foundation.We are requesting that applicants have experience with both mindfulness (in the broad sense of contemplative practices) and psychedelic medicine as a basis for participation, though not necessarily ketamine. This is designed to be a mutual exploration rather than a training program.Clinicians are welcome and we will provide an intensive exploration of ketamine’s effects, with attention to the different sensitivities we each have. This will inform clinical practice with ketamine but is not a substitute for learning about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in one of our formal training programs.Participants will have the opportunity to personally experience ketamine at three different doses in the context of contemplative practice, as well as to sit for others experiencing a medicine session. Our plan is to administer ketamine via intramuscular injection, although other routes of administration may be considered depending on the needs of specific participants.Organizers are Ron Siegel and Phil Wolfson in association with Gina Arons, Will Hamilton, Gita Vaid, and others. The KRF BIPOC scholarship fund will offer scholarships, and there will be limited general scholarship support by application consideration occurring after acceptance to the program. We are trying to make this as financially feasible as possible.There will be pre-and post-assessment measures to enable a view of the impact of the program on each of us and our practices, and an evaluation form.The Application fee of $500 is compulsory as with all our trainings, $400 of which is refundable, and the Tuition Fee is $3500 for the week. On acceptance, you will be given a link to select your room and board at Menla which is a separate cost.We are inviting a limited number of prior participants in the first Dharma K program to return as there have been multiple expressions of desire to do so, but we are also providing opportunities for new people to participate.A link to Phil’s Tricycle paper on Buddhism and intoxication is posted here: https://tricycle.org/article/was-buddha-atheist/Other papers and training videos will be suggested as we move towards April and we welcome your suggestions.We want to welcome you to our unique and exciting program and to the conscious and loving community we will form together.If you are interested in attending this program and if you haven't already done so, please register and pay your tuition first at https://theketaminetrainingcenter.com/dharma-k/.



375 Pantherkill Road, P.O. Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464