Finding Safety In Yourself & Others

June 12 - June 16, 2024

Luis Mojica

Safety comes from inside of our bodies.Think of all the times your environment was peaceful or you were around loving people, yet your body was still bracing or experiencing anxiety.There’s a good reason for this.When we have trauma and chronic stress, our bodies live in a state of bracing from remembered and expected threat. Our nervous systems focus on what could go wrong instead of what is going right -- not because we’re negative or broken, but because the body is so focused on surviving that it doesn’t feel the reality of its survival.A body that constricts is one that is trying to protect itself. Safety and joy soften that protective constriction, which can initially feel scary and even threatening to such a body. This is why we must build our capacity for safety and joy.Join us for a somatic exploration of sound, movement, and connection.This 5-day retreat will teach you the philosophy of somatics for healing stress and trauma through a holistic lens. You will explore sound healing, yoga, nature, guided somatic group practices, and learn how to start relating to your body as a friend.You will learn how to feel safety in your body, nurture that state to grow and expand, and connect with other human beings, nature beings, and sound in a way that can deepen the experience of felt safety and joy.All the meals are organic, vegan/vegetarian, bean-based, and beautifully prepared right at Menla. If you have any food allergies or needs, please contact them to make sure you can be accommodated.This will be the first event including the entire HLN team offering on-demand support. What does on-demand support mean? There will be a space just for 1:1 care from assistants/facilitators where you can tend to your capacity, connect, practice, and meet any overwhelm that may arise. This can look like a quick SE session, sound healing, hug, walk, or someone just to talk to.Our retreat is limited to 65 people. Early Bird pricing ends on March 1st.All sales final, no refunds; transfers allowed.
SCHEDULE:Please note: Every offering on the schedule is optional. Allow your own capacity and comfort to guide you.We will be offering optional breakout groups each day to support you being seen, heard, and connected in an intimate setting. Each group will have 8 - 13 people in them.We also have free time scheduled into each full day. Free time is your time. You can sleep, visit the spa, hit the pool (or swimming hole!), hike trails, sunbathe, read, dance — whatever your body needs to integrate the morning material before we begin the evening work.DAILY THEMES:Wednesday June 12Orienting, Grounding & IntroductionsThursday June 13Relating to Stress & ActivationFriday June 14Boundaries, Fawning & Co-Regulating Through TouchSaturday June 15Tending to Capacity & Co-Regulating With NatureSunday June 16Integration & Closing Our Space


Luis Mojica

Luis Mojica is a Somatic Educator, Trauma Therapist & Nutritionist. His own painful journey with PTSD & chronic illness led him to develop his own unique form of therapy called Holistic Life Navigation. It combines whole food nutrition, Somatic Experiencing, & self-inquiry and is...



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