Heaven Holds Earth Qigong & Mudras: A Practice to Bring Harmony between Yin & Yang

May 15 - May 17, 2020

Nadiya Nottingham

Qigong has been called the ‘grandparent’ of Tai Chi.  It is the essence of the forces of creation, heaven, earth and all life.  The microcosmic orbit is a loop of energy within the body on the path of the chakras which allies and balances our yin/yang, fire/water, the night and day of our natural circadian rhythms. True healing can best occur when these rhythms are in synch. In this weekend workshop you will be introduced to the principles of Qigong which will help ignite your ‘fire’ without burning up your Qi; calm your ‘waters’ to your ideal ‘temperature’ and bring a new sense of harmony to daily life.Qigong is gaining world wide recognition as a powerful healing method with surprisingly strong results, for the mind, body and reconnection to ‘the natural world within’ in other words: our personal medicine.  Teachings include:
  • A Full Qigong Form for Healing the organs
  • Special Mudras for Self healing
  • Mudras for Meditation
  • Seed Mantras for Healing
  • Tree/Nature Meditation (outdoors) 
  • Supine Deep Relaxation with The Microcosmic Orbit Principles (Small Heavenly Orbit)



Nadiya Nottingham

Nadiya is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner by Robert Peng and a certified Qigong teacher by Masters Liu Dong and Liu He of the Linggui School in Seattle. Nadiya’s deep heart teachings spring from her own struggles as a young woman. She has overcome addiction, survived an...


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