August 04 - August 07, 2024

Dr. Laurane McGlynn

Jeffrey Warren

Yulia Meshoyrer

Supporting the synthesis of mind and body after experiencing an expanded state of consciousness.

Opening the heart, strengthening the body, calming the mind and lifting the spirit.  

Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful experiential breathing process that allows for self-exploration and healing. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing potential of the breather, or "inner healer", which guides the experience.

We create a safe and supportive setting, with highly trained and experienced Holotropic Breathwork and Grof Legacy Training certified facilitators. In this double breathwork workshop, each person will experience four Holotropic Breathwork sessions (two as a breather/two as a sitter).

We will explore and experience different practices to support post-session integration of expanded states of consciousness. These include nature-based practices of earthing and creating art altars in nature, sound healing session, integrative writing practice, group support and integration through sharing circles and our evening fire gathering; and expressive arts with mandala drawing. We will discuss the importance of facilitator training and presence, self-care, connection to community, social support and physical care.

Price includes 3 nights housing, 9 organic vegan/vegetarian locally sourced meals, workshop and evening fire gathering.

This workshop is open to new breathers, experienced breathers, those in the GTT Holotropic facilitator training or those interested in experiencing Holotropic Breathwork. For those who are in a psychedelic-assisted therapy training program, Grof Legacy Training or MAPS training, this workshop may fulfill your requirement for practical experience sitting for others in expanded states of consciousness.

This workshop is approved by Grof Transpersonal Training to meet the requirements for an in person double breathwork session for completion of the virtual modules. This workshop may meet the requirements for the Grof Legacy training since our team will include a Grof Legacy Training certified facilitator.CONTRAINDICATIONS: This workshop is not appropriate during pregnancy, for persons with cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and angina, Severe or Uncontrolled Hypertension, Severe Mental Illness, Bipolar Disorder, Epilepsy, Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment, Osteoporosis, Recent Surgeries, Recent Physical Injuries, Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases, Asthma (if you have asthma, bring your inhaler to the workshop).
ScheduleSunday, August 4
  • 3 - 6 pm Arrival & Check-in
  • 6 - 7 pm Dinner
  • 7:15 - 8 pm Opening Circle
  • 8 - 8:15 pm Break
  • 8:15 - 9:45 pm Talk: The Theory and Practice of Holotropic Breathwork®
Monday, August 5
  • 8 - 9 am Breakfast
  • 9 am - 12 pm Holotropic Breathwork® - Session #1 (Please arrive by 8:45 to set up)]
  • 12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
  • 1:30 - 2:15 pm Break
  • 2:30 - 5:30 pm Holotropic Breathwork® - Session #2  (Please arrive by 2:15)
  • 6 - 7 pm Dinner
  • 7 - 7:30 pm Earthing Grounding Practice
  • 7:30 - 9 pm Sharing Circle
  • 9 - 9:30 pm Sound Bath
Tuesday, August 6
  • 8 - 9 am Breakfast
  • 9 am - 12 pm Holotropic Breathwork®- Session #3 (Please arrive by 8:45)
  • 12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
  • 1:30 - 2:15 pm Break
  • 2:30 - 5:30 pm Holotropic Breathwork® - Session #4 (Please arrive by 2:15)
  • 6 - 7 pm Dinner
  • 7:15 - 7:40 pm Integrative Writing Practice
  • 7:45 - 9 pm Sharing Circle
  • 9 - 9:45 pm Community Fire /Sharing Circle (Fire Pit)
Wednesday, August 7
  • 7 - 9 am Check-out of Rooms (Check-Out is 9am )
  • 8 - 9 am Breakfast
  • 9:15 - 11 am Nature Immersion Experience - Creating Art Altars in Nature
  • 11 am - 12:30 pm Integration Talk/Closing Circle
  • 12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch
  • 2 pm Depart
*Please note that the schedule is subject to change. 


Dr. Laurane McGlynn

Dr. Laurane McGlynn, PsyD is a clinical psychologist who integrates mind/body medicine, psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, functional medicine and shamanic practices to support healing and transformation. She holds doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Fam...

Jeffrey Warren

Jeffrey Warren is an artist, musician and an advanced healing arts practitioner and instructor trained in more than 20 modalities. He is a certified Holotropic Breathwork® Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Fire Walk Instructor, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Sou...

Yulia Meshoyrer

Yulia Meshoyrer, MA is a Grof-certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork. She holds a Masters degree in General Psychology (Russia), and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. In addition, she is certified in Spiritual Emergency support and Dream Studies and...



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