May 22 - May 25, 2020

Neil Kirkbride

Melanie Kirkbride

The Soft Road

For almost everyone, the level of choice and decision-making faced each day provokes some level of anxiety, self-doubt, and procrastination. Round and round we go.... research, analyse, question, doubt, and repeat – depleting our energies and wasting precious time!Given that choice and decision-making are central to the human experience, a powerful expression of our individuality, and at the heart of all progress and evolution, it’s of huge benefit for you to become intimate and expert with nature’s compass and decision-making power – your intuition.Intuition is present in every choice. In learning how to recognize and cultivate your intuition, a different experience of life unfolds infused with intuitive guidance, self-trust, internal stability, and greater happiness sourced from within. We call this The Soft Road.The practice of Vedic meditation creates the optimum conditions for perceiving intuitive guidance. This effortless technique unwinds stress and fatigue from the physiology, expands our awareness, and refines sensory perception.Come and enjoy this opportunity for Retreat with master Vedic teachers and founders of The Soft Road, Neil and Melanie Kirkbride. Surrender to the simple structure of the days, be nurtured and supported, immerse in the peaceful setting, and experience the insights and profound benefits that come as we let go.Daily knowledge sessions explore the vast potential of our intuition and address important questions including, how to recognize intuitive guidance, how to build self-trust, and how to overcome the fear to take action. And learn how to combine intuition and intellect to create the ultimate dynamic duo!On this Retreat meditators can deepen their practice with “industrial-strength meditation”, also known as Rounding. No prior experience of Rounding is necessary; expert teaching and supervision is included.The 4-day course to learn Vedic meditation is a requirement for this Retreat.


We will be offering the 4-day course during the retreat for an additional $800

For further details email info@thesoftroad.com



Neil Kirkbride

Neil Kirkbride is a master teacher who instructs in & lectures on Vedic meditation in the UK, USA, & Australia. After a successful 30-year career in finance & technology, he left corporate culture to focus on teaching meditation, & making ancient Vedic wisdom accessible & relatab...

Melanie Kirkbride

Melanie Kirkbride is an expert in personal transformation & professional development. For two decades as an advisor & coach, she has brought wisdom & guidance to individuals around the world. As a master teacher of Vedic meditation, Melanie’s students benefit from her warmth, i...

The Soft Road

Melanie Kirkbride and Neil Kirkbride co-founded The Soft Road to inspire, educate, and guide people towards an experience of life infused with internal stability, self-trust, intuitive guidance, and greater happiness, sourced from within. To learn more about The Soft Road visit w...


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