Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy—in Depth and Experience

June 19 - June 24, 2021

Supporting the development of KAP practices worldwide ‘ KAP is a novel, breakthrough approach to awakened mind and the healing of trauma and depression.’An Inclusive Retreat Format with Pandemic Consciousness—open only to those who have been vaccinatedAs our workshops, by design, are limited in the number of participants, we encourage you to sign up early as workshops will fill up. We accommodate between 24 and 30 participants and there is a great deal of dyadic work. The group alternates between roles--sitting for those receiving and reversing the next day. Didactic and Integration work, KAP methodology and the understanding of working in psychedelic process are essential parts and are interwoven throughout. Consider enrolling with colleagues with whom you are contemplating doing KAP work.A relatively large group experiencing ketamine sublingual and IM sessions together is invaluable in providing new practitioners with a remarkable breadth of view of the myriad ways in which ketamine is processed. All of our trainings have created a profound sense of community and connection, to all of our delight. Sharing is an essential part of what makes our programs both a learning experience and a deep personal awareness of KAP enabling you to bring this to the miraculous work that is KAP in action. Our interest is in providing you with an in- depth exposure to ketamine practice enabling your informed use of this medicine in a therapeutic setting of your own creation. .THE UNIQUE BENEFITS OF KAPKetamine, unlike conventional psychiatric medications,  provides a gateway to states of awareness that are relatively free from normative defensive inhibitions and rigidly patterned behaviors. It acts as both a time-out from ordinary mind and its obsessive and negative patterns and an opportunity for transcendent views of the Self and one’s context.  Often it serves as a relief from depression and can offer a pleasant expansiveness in which other opportunities for being emerge. KAP offers the practitioner andpatient a unique methodology to facilitate understanding, working through and management of a variety of issues, from life transitions to mood disorders to personality issues. KAP sessions tend to last for two to three hours, and like MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy, facilitate the building of a therapeutic nest for safety and trust and a higher level of engagement for both therapists and patients.Awakening mind—consciousness–is an essential aspect of anchoring change and knowing Self.  KAP training encourages and assists in the development of this awareness in practitioners and supports therapeutic work with skill and process acquisition and development.
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