Kula Yoga

August 12 - August 16, 2020

Nikki Vilella

Alex Auder

Erin Dudley

Many moons ago we created Camp Kula for the urban dweller who couldn’t manage to carve out a full 90-120 minutes for their daily yoga practice. The concept: set aside the time to go deep with two daily Kula Flow classes and two daily workshops aimed at unearthing the more esoteric parts of the practice. Fast forward to 2020 and we find ourselves thrilled to offer this classic Kula retreat a little bit closer to home amidst the stunning Catskill mountains. And for those of you who still have trouble carving out time, we have made this a long weekend intensive! Think of it as a straight up shot of the good stuff.At Kula our practice is a vigorous, highly creative vinyasa form that seamlessly blends attention to alignment with the steady metronome of the breath. The result: an intelligent, ecstatic moving meditation. Although much of our attention is admittedly focused on asana and body mechanics, we are old school enough to know that the body is merely the instrument and the tool we use in order to explore yoga’s more esoteric teachings (where the real nectar is at!). At Camp Kula you can expect a daily Kula Flow class which we will sprinkle with an eclectic mix of yogic studies (anything from bandha and pranayama to Vedantic philosophy and chakra studies). In our free time we will relax at the pond, swim in the pool, hike on incredible wooded trails that the Catskills are knows for and hold court in the sauna. You can also treat yourself at the renowned Menla spa! Expect to laugh, expect to learn. We love this intensive and are happy to bring it closer to home in order to help dedicated practitioners and teachers go deep, on both a physical AND a metaphysical level. After 5 days at Camp Kula you will return home with body, mind and soul soaring.


Nikki Vilella

Nikki Vilella is codirector of Kula Yoga in New York City and co-owner of Kula Williamsburg and Kula Soho. She is at the helm of Kula’s 200-hour teacher training program, coleads Kula’s 75-hour advanced teacher training, and guest teaches at other programs throughout the co...

Alex Auder

Alex Auder, director of Philadelphia’s Magu Yoga, is a native New Yorker who grew-up in the Chelsea Hotel with her mother, Viva (an Andy Warhol Superstar), and her sister, the actress, Gaby Hoffmann. She is known as one of NYC’s preeminent teachers who has developed a keen...

Erin Dudley

Erin Dudley is founder of The Yoga Space and is the Arts Program Director of The Hurleyville Performing Arts Center in Hurleyville New York..  Erin relocated with her family to the Catskill Region of NY State after 20 years in the NYC dance and yoga community. She started teach...



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