Nourishing your Divine Self

September 03 - September 06, 2020

Jill Pettijohn

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others. Being at your very best, body mind and spirit makes everything easier. None of us expected life to unfold the way it has done in 2020. All of us have encountered a situation that has altered our lives and the way we  think.For many of us our dreams and goals, are no longer the same and for some life might feel like it is falling apart.Our daily practices and rituals are really important, particularly at this time and really always this helps us to stay centered and focused as we navigate our way through life as we know it.This is a time to stay connected, grounded and centered through the heart and honoring our own sacredness with compassion for all beings everywhere and to shine your light.Clearly building your immune system with a clean and healthy diet, following daily practices and simple ceremony. Doing yoga and exercise and being out in nature are all factors to consider to rebuild and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth to function in this new time.Jill's goal is to help people feel good again, grounded and clear and be able to function at a very high level, your personal best so you can helpyourself and all those around you.During the program you will be offered many different and wonderful opportunities to heal, reconnect, rejuvenate and rebalance.With wonderful and nourishing food easy to follow recipes and through yoga, meditation, communing with nature, sound healing and ceremony, you will have the chance to rebuild your life in an easeful and loving way.This program will have the assistance of some amazing teachers offering yoga and sound. To be announced Soon.
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Jill Pettijohn

Jill is a nutritional health expert and chef of life. She has been referred to as a shaman of food. Her goal is to inspire change in those who are willing to take that extra step and make the necessary changes to become a better version of themselves, using all of her professiona...



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