Nourishing Your Divine Self

June 06 - June 09, 2019

A unique opportunity for a weekend of nourishment and self care, enjoying great cleansing food with the option to cleanse even more deeply.As life’s journey unfolds, we encounter situations that alter the way we think, and eventually, if we are not connected and following our daily practices, things start to fall apart.Perhaps it’s our health: we might experience digestive issues, poor eating habits, sleep disorders, aches and pains, headaches, stress and worry, or lack of focus, or have major creative blocks or emotional imbalance. Whatever the problem is, we experience discontentment and an overall disconnect.This retreat is designed to help you feel great, vibrate at a higher level, and really connect spiritually so you can function at your highest level and be of better service to those around you, whether family, friends or your coworkers.Besides beautiful and nourishing food, organic and naturally grown, we are also offering a deeper cleanse for those who wish to participate at that level. During the program you will be offered many different and wonderful opportunities to heal, reconnect, rejuvenate and rebalance through yoga, meditation, communing with nature, sound healing, and sweat lodge, plus a chance to rewrite your own story and raise your vibration!Program Inclusions:Daily Meditation, Yoga, Communing with Nature; Nature/Forest Bathing, Hikes or Strolls in the woods, Fire Ceremony, Food Preparation Class with Hands on Participation, Sound Healing, Sweat Lodge, Clean Comfortable Accommodations, and More!For more information about Jill, please visit her website.
ScheduleThursdayAfternoon Arrival and Welcoming Nourishing Drink4.30 Welcome Introduction5.30-6.30 Dinner7.00-9.00 Evening Circle Gathering bring your hand drumsCreating your IntentionFriday6.45 Morning Meditation Greeting Mother Earth and Offering7.00-8.30 Yoga Dance with Susan8.30- 9.30 Breakfast10.30 -12.00 Loving Yourself sometimes putting ourselves first12.00-1.00 Lunch1.00-3.00 Spa Time3.30- 5.30 Afternoon Stroll in the Woods with Nature, sounds of the forest energy5.30-6.30 Dinner7.00-8.00 Evening Sound Bath with Lea GarnierSaturday6.45 Morning Meditation Welcome the New Day7.00-8.00 Breakfast9.00-10.30 Yoga with Marion Jackson12.00-1.00 Lunch1.00-3.00 Spa Time4.30 Magical Mother Nourishing Juice and Snack5.30 Sweat Lodge and Purification7.30 - 8.30 Late Dinner and DiscussionSunday6.30 Morning Meditation Gratitude with Offering7.00-8.30 Yoga with (Alison Sinatra TBD)8.30 -9.30 Breakfast10.30-11.30 Hands on Food Prep Workshop & Nourishing Food DiscussionGoing Home with a New Story11.30 Room Check out12.00-1.00 Closing Circle and Farewell Lunch



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