Sage Academy of Sound Weekend Sound Bath

September 04 - September 06, 2020

Lea Garnier

Join Lea Garnier for a unique weekend in Menla's beautiful hidden valley in Phoenicia, New York! Sage Academy will be hosting an amazing sound bath experience with two themed immersions that can be paired with one of our Create Your Own Getaway weekends.*These baths can be booked as a package or can be chosen à la carte for $80 a session.  Class space is limited to 15 people per bath, please inquire with our front desk team today!
Friday September 4th ~ 7:30 - 9pmSACRED SOUND CEREMONY WITHIN THE INDIGENOUS REALMSwith Lea Garnier & Scott WilliamsSound ceremonies are created to channel a very high spiritual energy, so that we can bring forth healing for our participants. Based on cosmic influences and loving intention, we will focus on maturing and balancing our minds and hearts so that our inner masculine and inner feminine can come forward to hold space for ourselves and for each other as we experience massive changes in consciousness. Ceremonies are needed to help heal humanity from the separation from All That Is, which is becoming more and more prevalent in our world. Using sacred sound tools, sacred song and cleansing limpias, our ceremonies help us find our way back to Oneness with an open heart that does not shut down in the midst of turmoil.

Saturday September 5th ~ 7:30 - 9pm


with Lea Garnier & Scott Williams

The sound of Crystal Singing induces deep cellular healing within the meditation state. Crystal vibrations reduce stress, reconnects us to our higher spirit, massages the body, and also helps to restore balance, and helps to align our mind-heart-cosmic connection.  Scientifically, there is proof that crystal sound waves can re-pattern our cellular structure.

The pyramid form is a statement of perfection and balance.  It is one of the highest geometrical shapes found on the physical plane.  It represents conscious connection with the infinite source of energy at the apex, and complete groundedness and physical stability at the base.  They are symbolic of the ultimate balance that each soul must achieve to complete its evolutionary process.



Lea Garnier

In 2010, Lea co-founded the first East coast Annual SoundHealing Intensive at Menla, NY. By creating a forum for pioneers of SoundHealing to share their knowledge, a platform was launched for in depth studies that has greatly contributed to today's expansive and ever growing fiel...



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