Tsa Lung: Harnessing The Purification Power of Wind-Energy

July 18 - July 18, 2020

Farrah Garan

The Tantrayana path of Buddhism is a very direct, experiential path. It uses the body to transform the mind. Recognizing that blockages in the body create suffering and ignorance, it has many powerful methods for creating openness and expanding our consciousness.
Tsa Lung is a traditional Tibetan Tantrayana practice that incorporates breath retention with movement for the purpose of releasing blockages in the subtle body channels. The result is increased energy and vitality, as well as the cultivation of a calm, clear mind.
Tsa Lung exists in an interesting intersection between Tibetan Medicine and Tantrayana. One of its core purposes is the purification of the body through the elimination of waste and building of essence. The Kalachakra tradition of Tsa Lung (from which I will be teaching) includes 20 different exercises that focus on systematically opening the 636 essence points of the body.
In this teaching, we will open the door to a beautiful and deep path. We will discover the power of the breath for releasing tension in body and mind. We will learn in a gentle, safe way, building up our skill and capacity so we can grow into more dimensions of the practice over time.

In this workshop, participants will receive the following background:

  • Understand the path and goal of Tantrayana Buddhism
  • Learn how we discover the deep nature of the body through the “four hiddens”
  • What is the subtle body and its components?
  • Discover the meaning of “substance compassion”

Participants will also leave with a complete practice that can be continued at home for ongoing benefit, including:

  • Receive important preliminary practices:
    • Prepare the heart and motivation
    • Exercise to massage the body and soften the channels
    • Visualization to release obstacles
  • Learn the 4 steps of the fundamental breath retention technique
  • Practice specific Tsa Lung Movements:
    • A foundational practice that covers the entire body
    • Specific exercises to direct the wind-energy to various places in the body

Tsa Lung reveals the hidden essence of our body, so that we may come to know the true nature of the mind.
Taught by Farrah Garan in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

Saturday, July 18th
  • 10:30am - 1pm EST
  • 2:30 - 5pm EST


Farrah Garan

Farrah Garan teaches traditional Tibetan healing movement practices that empower us to cultivate a calm mind, vibrant energy and open heart, including: Lu Jong Healing Yoga, Tog Chöd Sword Dance, and Tsa Lung Breathwork. Farrah received the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition from her...



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