Volunteer Hiking Trailwork Weekend

June 11 - June 14, 2020

Michael G. Burbank

Long before Tibet House was gifted the 325-acre Menla property, an extensive web of hiking trails allowed guests to experience the magic, serenity, and natural splendor of our enchanted forest. With the help of intrepid volunteers over the years, we have restored several of the old trails on our property completely, and each year we tend those trails in the spring, clearing away leaves and storm debris and grooming them for guests to use the rest of the year. Any extra time we have after the annual maintenance is finished is used to remove invasive plants, build bridges, further restore old trails, create new trails, or complete other special outdoor projects.We need help from people like you! The work is very rewarding, knowing that a wide range of people will benefit from safer, more inviting, and more enjoyable trails. This is a terrific opportunity to experience Menla for very little money and in a way that few people get to experience it. Join Menla's Co-Director Michael Burbank and some of the Menla staff April 30 - May 03 for a weekend out in the woods, experiencing the healing dimensions of the land, while getting great exercise working and enjoying the company of others. With loppers, snips, rakes, and our hands, you'll be surprised how much we can accomplish in just one weekend!Volunteers for this retreat must be in good enough physical condition to be out on the trails for much of the day (apprx. 9am-4pm each full day, with breaks for yummy bagged lunches, and 9am-12pm on the final day, followed by lunch buffet).
Two Day Weekend Rate:   $100 (per person); arrive Friday, depart SundayThree Day Weekend Rate:   $150  (per person); arrive Thurs, depart SundayNote: Housing will be assigned by Menla. We may assign you a roommate if you do not register with one.Tibet House US/Menla Mountain Retreat reserves the right to cancel any program at any time for low enrollment or circumstances beyond our control. Should this happen, a full refund will be offered.


Thursday, June 11th
  • 3 - 8pm Check-In
  • 6 - 7pm  Dinner
Friday, June 12th
  • 8 - 9am Breakfast
  • 9:15am - 12pm Trailwork
  • 12pm Bagged lunch on the trails
  • 12:30 - 4pm Trailwork
  • 1 - 8pm Check-in for those opting for two days only
  • 6 - 7 pm Dinner
  • 7:30 pm Bonfire
Saturday, June 13th
  • 8 - 9am Breakfast
  • 9:15am - 12pm Trailwork
  • 12pm Bagged lunch on the trails
  • 12:30pm - 4 pm Trailwork
  • 4 - 6pm Complimentary Steam/Sauna Session
  • 6 - 7 pm Dinner
Sunday, June 14th
  • 8 - 9am Breakfast & Check-Out
  • 9:15am - 12pm Trailwork & Clean-up
  • 12 - 1pm Lunch & Departure
* Please note that schedule subject to change at any time


Michael G. Burbank

Michael G. Burbank has been a student of Robert Thurman and HH the XIV Dalai Lama for over 25 years, since his undergraduate years studying Eastern religions and cultures at Columbia University in the 90s. In February of 2002, he was invited to help the Thurmans and Tibet House s...



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