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The Tibetan Humours are a traditional system of understanding the human body and its health in the Tibetan Sciences. This system is based on the principles of three humours, or energies, that are present in every individual. There are three humours, which are rLung (Wind), Tripa (Bile), and Beken (Phlegm). These three humours must be in balance for optimal health. Any imbalance or excess of one of the humours can lead to various physical and mental disorders. The Tibetan Humours provide a unique and holistic approach to understanding and treating the human body’s health, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony between different bodily energies. Download the Tibetan Tree worksheet to determine your humour. Bring your results to your scheduled KuNye appointment or let your DEWA therapist know as they may recommend helpful products for you, such as specific body oils or teas for the humours.

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