Enjoy our Signature  Tibetan Rejuvenation package.

This experience gives you a taste of Tibet in the Catskills. Start with a morning Tibetan Five Rites or Hatha yoga class. 

Next luxuriate in our Dewa Spa with a traditional KuNye Massage. Your treatment begins with the application of oil from head to toe and progresses to deeper work on your muscles and joints. We hand-blend our three signature Tibetan herbal oils using sesame, sandalwood, and juniper. 

Afterwards tune your chakras and relax your nervous system with a personalized Tibetan Tone Sound Healing.

Complete your experience with a guided meditation to help you cultivate  deep inner peace. 


90 minute Tibetan Kunye Massage $205 

60 minutes Sound Therapy (Tibetan Toning) $150

60 minutes Guided Meditation $90

60 minutes Intro to Tibetan Yogas $125

$570 each individual


3 day option:   fri . sat . sun

2 day option, please choose which days work best:   fri . sat | sat . sun 


Closed Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday

This package requires 72 hours advance booking.



375 Pantherkill Road, P.O. Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464