Menla attracts a wide range of people, each of whom comes for something slightly different. Read for yourself what our diverse guests and faculty have to say about their experiences at Menla…

  1. Diane Boehm

    “This is a beautiful retreat center complete with spa nestled in the lush green countryside of the Catskills. Peace and tranquility are the first to greet you upon arriving at Menla. The staff is warm, professional, and helpful. I have had a couple of massages with hot rocks by a very competent and knowledgeable massage therapist. He is the BEST I have ever had, and I highly recommend going to DEWA Spa at Menla”


  2. Clodagh of Clodagh Design

    “Menla is deep in my heart… It’s a profoundly spiritual space, a little slice of Tibet right in the middle of nowhere. Pure mountain air, a walk in the woods, a deep tissue massage, a lounge in the infrared sauna… a morning seemed like a long luxurious weekend. I can’t wait to get back for some the best spa treatments I have ever had. An upstate mountain escape is essential for surviving the pace of NYC life.”


  3. Sarah Drew

    “Menla is indeed magical, a place out of time that is rich in presence. The vibrational quality of this sanctuary is palpable as well as the magnificent natural beauty. Healing, peaceful and luminous with Light, a pilgrimage to Menla evokes the proverbial Medicine Mountain, and yet it is so close to NYC. Our Ayurvedic massage and experience at Dewa Spa was transporting, regenerative and deeply nourishing. Looking forward to our next retreat here and sharing this treasure with friends.”


  4. Janice Rous

    “I loved every minute at Menla. It was as if heaven was delivered to me on earth–the people, the food, the services at the spa, even my walks to the meeting room were infused with magic. I was greeted with so much warmth and caring with every interaction.”


  5. Aimee S.

    “This was hands down the best spiritual retreat experience I’ve had since I left my teacher’s ashram. Omega, Kripalu, Esalen don’t compare to the lovely energy happening at Menla. The small, intimate facilities allow them to make delicious food, very sattvic & each meal feels restoring to vitality. The staff is very kind and helpful. Everyone we met seemed to have a fullness of heart and a strong dedication to be of service to the place & the guests. The environs are gorgeous! The hiking trails are well marked. I could spend 100 days here & never wish for the outside world. I cannot recommend this place more.”


  6. Nitzan Blouin

    “My favorite retreat center in the East coast. A real abode of the Dharma.”

  7. Sylvia E.

    “Going to Menla is like dropping out of time. The physical beauty and stillness of the place is unique. The accommodations are just right – comfortable but not ostentatious. The food is amazing and clearly made with attention and love. Thank you!”

  8. Kara S

    “The Menla Cleanse Getaway was the most peaceful, knowledgeable and supportive environment I have ever experienced for my annual detox. The juices and raw food were creatively prepared and delicious, and the staff was caring and unobtrusive. Being supported by the gorgeous sacred land, a stunning new spa and many wise healers facilitated profound renewal for me on all levels. I am filled with gratitude for Chisti and her team, and I will definitely return!”

  9. Magda

    “It’s such an amazing and spiritual location–I came back feeling rejuvenated and recharged… It was so very special knowing the place belongs to the Dalai Lama! I loved our room. My favorite things were that there was no TV in the room, the beds were so comfortable, and it was so quiet and relaxing there with the windows opened. The grounds were amazing…”

  10. Krishna Das

    “Menla is one of my favorite retreat centers in the world. The natural beauty, the wonderful staff and great accommodations always make the experience of leading a retreat effortless and graceful. The blessings of HH Dalai Lama and many other Great Beings who have been there usher us into our own True Nature with joy and ease.”


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